My Platform

Why I'm Running

As many people know I voluntarily left Congress over a decade ago when my late wife became ill with cancer and I needed to be home for her and for our son. I returned to the private sector, working in agriculture and now have decided it’s time to jump in and do what I can to save this great state from the misguided and destructive policies that have come out of Sacramento in recent years.

My Platform

Protect Taxpayers – NO on MEASURE E

I strongly oppose the $1.4 billion Measure E tax increase. Now is not the time to saddle local taxpayers with higher taxes and higher prices for gas, food and everything they buy.

Fresno State University is a state facility and it is the Legislature’s responsibility to fund its repairs and needs. Let’s not punish Fresno County taxpayers for Sacramento’s failures.

My Platform

Restore Law and Order

Our state once had a great Governor in George Deukmejian and one of his slogans was, “do the crime, do the time.” We need to get back to that law and order attitude that holds criminals accountable.

Let’s start by repealing Propositions 47 and 57 and AB109. These measures were sold as being pro-public safety, but the truth is the opposite – they have made us less safe.

Gavin Newsom is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to turn San Quentin Prison into a fancy resort for convicts. Maybe we should turn it back into a prison instead.

My Platform

Strengthen Families

I believe the increase in crime, drug abuse and many other societal problems can be traced directly to the breakdown of families in America. I have a plan to bring law enforcement, the faith community, educators and health providers together to attack the problem.

My Platform

Grow the Economy

California has the highest taxes, most regulations and highest use of this environmental review designed to stop development. We can get back on track by suspending CEQA for five years and decreasing taxes on job creators, giving them an incentive to stay here instead of moving to other states.

We also need to repeal AB 32 – the cap and trade bill that continues to harm California’s economy. Instead of banning fossil fuels like Gavin Newsom is trying to do, we should embrace the technology that makes them cleaner and more efficient.

Our economy in the Valley depends on water. The state has been negligent in addressing the water needs of our people. We need to build, upgrade and repair water storage and delivery systems.

My Platform

Stronger Border Security

California faces a $68 billion deficit and citizens are struggling with high medical costs, and now Gavin Newsom wants to force taxpayers to pay for sex change operations and hormone therapy for illegal immigrants. And we wonder why people in other states are laughing at us! Let’s not make California more of a magnet for illegal crossings than we already are by handing out more freebies to people who broke the law to get here.

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