ACE - George Radanovich's plan to help children and strengthen families

George Radanovich believes many societal problems can be traced directly to the breakdown of families in America. He has spent several years studying the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and finding solutions. George's plan to require law enforcement, education and health providers to coordinate with citizen advisory groups and produce community plans to reduce ACEs will strengthen families. In time, key negative social indicators such as crime, homelessness, suicides, incarceration rates, declining education, mass murder, abortion and gender confusion will diminish, and civil society will be restored.



George Radanovich believes the taxes Californians pay are too high. He strongly supports Prop. 13 and opposes all attempts to weaken this crucial taxpayer protection law. He will work to reduce the unfair Gas tax and and lower the tax burden on middle income families and small businesses. 

George opposes the $1.6 Billion Tax Increase known as Measure E in Fresno County that will burden local taxpayers for 25 years.



George Radanovich believes soft-on-crime laws passed in Sacramento, along with misguided and deceptive ballot measures, have made us all more vulnerable to crime. He believes criminals must be held accountable for their lawbreaking and our police and sheriffs need to be supported with the funding, tools and laws they need to keep us safe.



As our Representative, George Radanovich led efforts to increase water storage and improve delivery systems. He will continue that fight in the Assembly so our farms and communities have a plentiful, safe and reliable supply each and every year.

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