George Radanovich Blasts Newsom and Sacramento Democrats for Gas Tax Increase that went into effect today

CLOVIS, CA - - Republican Assembly candidate George Radanovich called today’s 2 cents per gallon gas tax increase “a war on the poor and middle class” and blasted Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrats in Sacramento for allowing gas taxes and prices to continue to rise.

“California has become unaffordable for too many of our citizens. Higher gas prices don’t only impact the price we pay at the pump, they mean higher costs for everything from groceries to school supplies. Newsom and his allies had the opportunity to stop this tax increase before it took effect, and they refused,” said Radanovich.

George Radanovich is the leading candidate for Assembly in the 8th District and the only candidate opposed to tax increases. He is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC, the leading anti-tax group in California.

Radanovich warned that Sacramento bureaucrats and politicians are plotting even bigger tax increases next year. “Newsom’s California Air Resources Board (CARB), the state's environmental regulator, is looking to raise the cost of gas by 50 cents a gallon next year,” said Radanovich. “It is all part of a plot to ban gas-powered vehicles and force Californians to purchase high-cost EVs.”

“I am committed to reducing the gas tax and rolling back the crazy regulations that make gas prices so expensive in our state,” said Radanovich.


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