Watch: United Against Measure E – Radanovich Challenges “Taxin-Tangipa”

Tax increases have a way of bringing people together as evidenced by Measure E which has unified members of all political parties. On Monday, Assembly candidate George Radanovich stood with local leaders of all parties to oppose a massive tax increase on the ballot in Fresno County. He then called out his opponent David Tangipa for supporting the tax increase. 

Watch the coverage. 

 “One has to wonder why a Republican is supporting a $1.6 billion tax increase. It’s time to come clean with the voters of Fresno County," said George Radanovich. “David Tangipa is running a smear campaign against me to hide the fact that he is supporting a massive regressive tax on Fresno’s families that will benefit many of the donors bankrolling his campaign. I challenge David Tangipa to be honest with the voters and tell them how supporting this tax increase benefits him more than it benefits the community.” 

George Radanovich is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC because of his strong anti-tax background. Additionally he is endorsed by the Fresno County Republican, Calaveras County Republican Party, Tulare County Republican Party and the Madera County Republican Party. 

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