Vote No on $1.4 Billion Measure E Sales Tax: George Radanovich

Op-Ed written by George Radanovich at GV Wire

January 9, 2024

In November 2022, Fresno County voters rightfully rejected a $720 million sales tax increase to pay for facilities improvements and scholarships at Fresno State.

Now the same tax-and-spend crowd behind that failed measure is back again with Measure E, a $1.4 billion tax increase on Fresno County taxpayers to build locker rooms, sports facilities, theaters, and other facilities on the Fresno State campus. This proposal is so unnecessary and unwise that it has united both Republicans and Democrats in opposition to it.

My strong personal opposition to Measure E has nothing to do with Fresno State. In fact, as a member of Congress, I strongly supported the university, which suffered due to lack of sufficient funds from the state of California. But punishing Fresno’s taxpayers for the failures of the state is the wrong way to improve Fresno State.

First, this is a $1,400,000,000.00 ($1.4 billion) tax increase that will spike inflation by raising the price of gas and food at a time when Fresno’s middle and lower-income families are already struggling to make ends meet.

Second, the measure includes hundreds of millions of dollars for sports stadiums, fancy locker rooms, video scoreboards, and other similar wasteful projects.

Third, Measure E creates a new government bureaucracy with a hand-picked, unaccountable board of directors, each being paid $81,000 a year to dole out taxpayer funds.

Finally, it is unfair to ask Fresno taxpayers to pay for projects at a facility the state of California owns and operates.

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